The Shape of Abundance

How do you feel about symmetry? The drive for balance suggests the image of scales displaying equal weight. Think about it. Food/Exercise, Work/Play, Friends/Family.

Everything is nice and tidy and a good routine supports our choice for balance.

And yet, we yearn for variety. Indeed our culture is all about tempting us to mess with our precious balance for the sake of introducing something new.

The rule of three is a time-honored method for introducing asymmetry into our daily lives. Adding a little flair to your home or personal attire can brighten your day with a grouping of three. Use the rule of three as a memory device the next time you have a lot on your mind. Your brain will thank you!

Any odd number of items together that breaks the symmetrical pattern of our lives creates need to restore balance– and keeps life interesting! We may not welcome it at the time of course, but rising to the challenge is what living is all about. In the depths of August we can take stock of the summer, ask, what have we done to savor the season? What still needs doing? Did we have enough ice cream? Enough surf riding? Enough hiking? Seasonal activities can be gathered into a mental image to create snapshot of the entire experience. With mental reinforcement we remember it better later.

My image for the summer isn’t the scales of balance or the group of three. They don’t capture the lushness and the energy of this fiery season. Instead it is the cluster.

There is an obvious example in the backyard vegetable garden. There are so many others. So that leads me to ask- what is the shape of abundance for you?

The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney




Sympathy vs Empathy

Oh the lazy days of summer are here! When work is done there’s so much daylight you can close your eyes in the bright sun and feel the warmth reaching down into your bones bathing away the rancor and rhetoric of the day. You can relax into memory….. Continue reading

Dive Right In

Window on My World
Window on My World

That was fast! In the last 2 weeks we’ve seen the leaves on the trees pop open like umbrellas in a downpour and our weather is veering back and forth from rain to sunny heat. Our zucchini and cucumber plants appear to be growing so fast there are noticeable changes in leaf size and number from morning to evening. Nature, always in transition, is flexing its “becoming” muscle again! Continue reading

On the Bright Side


“This is a list of things I learned the hard way.” That’s a wry line from Charles Schulz’ inimitable Charlie Brown, the manchild who couldn’t ever seem to catch a break. In Charlie’s comics world the deck was perpetually teetering against him while those around him went about their lives in blissful self-preoccupation. That’s why when his sister Sally asks why one of the lists he’s making is so much longer than the other he answers as he does. Comics lovers are so familiar with Charlie’s world and his gloomy facial expressions, we know he’s speaking in a mournful, slightly wistful voice. Charlie-world is full of missed opportunities and negative outcomes. He anticipates failure. Charlie, we would say today, needs to adjust his mindset. Continue reading

Habits Worth Cultivating

Mount Vernon kitchen garden
Mount Vernon kitchen garden

Every three months is a great time to assess our goals, take note of what we’ve achieved and reset our intentions for the next quarter and the year overall. How are you doing?

Take a look at your regular habits. Do they need an update? Here at The Parsley Way we have clearly defined regular practices that we advocate for wellness. The question is, do these practices help you maintain a sense of wellbeing that contributes to your overall productivity and meeting your goals? Continue reading

Spring Fling

Footwear transitions

Feeling a bit rushed off your feet? The blanket’s been ripped away, the hot chocolate sediment has settled at the bottom of the unfinished mug and the book has been abandoned by the easy chair. Up is down and it’s not just the chaos of the political races contributing to that unsettled feeling. Wait, wait, I haven’t finished knitting that scarf, didn’t make borscht, never needed the comfort of bread pudding. But it’s time. Continue reading