Creative Strength

I have a long and storied history of orthopedic injury and pain. It’s part of me by now, like the color of my eyes and the freckles on my skin. Guided by pain I discovered healing movement alternatives and wholeness through the meditation of making art. I’m drawn to performance too, mostly as an appreciative observer; “mostly” snags a bit at the back of my mind. Meanwhile, on a recent weekend in Providence, RI a discipline previously unknown to me came into view. PVDFest provides a weekend art potpourri to the downtown scene and I was lucky to enjoy a sway poles performance for the first time. All the elements of strength, grace, coordination and drama are present in the visual storytelling. Opening my eyes to new avenues of creative work inspires me in my daily life.



The Power of Pause

Nothing brings me to a halt faster than a hummingbird feeding outside my kitchen window. His fluttering wings cautiously settling on the feeder,taking full pleasure in my homemade syrup, can always stop me cold. No matter what I am doing, I pause, breathe and enjoy the moment.

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Meditation is the best way to become familiar with the benefits of the pause. Whether you take twenty minutes or 30 second, just stop the constant doing and simply enjoy the moment. We recognize the value in taking a break, we become less anxious and more organized. Ironically by taking a pause, we get more done. Our thoughts are no longer scattered, going from one activity to the next. We are better able to prioritize our life and see it for what it is. Focusing on the important things, we feel good about ourselves and appreciate the joyful moments. We let go of trivial complaining, life seems brighter and we become happier. Continue reading

Habits Worth Cultivating

Mount Vernon kitchen garden
Mount Vernon kitchen garden

Every three months is a great time to assess our goals, take note of what we’ve achieved and reset our intentions for the next quarter and the year overall. How are you doing?

Take a look at your regular habits. Do they need an update? Here at The Parsley Way we have clearly defined regular practices that we advocate for wellness. The question is, do these practices help you maintain a sense of wellbeing that contributes to your overall productivity and meeting your goals? Continue reading

Spring Clean Your Brain With Meditation

Black and White Neighborhood SnowOne day it’s snowing like crazy and suddenly you notice the sky is blue, the birds are chirping and the buds are bursting from the trees. Spring always feels like the most drastic transition; somehow it’s more dramatic than the other seasonal changes. The joy of leaving the cold dead Winter behind and welcoming the warmth and color of Spring may put a smile on your face at first, but be wary of physical and emotional upheavals that may occur this time of year. Continue reading

Easing Into A New Year


What a counter-intuitive start to Winter here in the northeast! The temperature and weather have been at odds with the available daylight. While we feel like we can go, go, go, the low levels and shorter duration of light are inviting us to slow down. All the energy expended during the holidays, followed by a more inward time, is part of an ancient cycle that we recognize at a deep level of our being. In today’s world it’s masked by the constant availability of man-made light in all its multimedia modes. We can take maximum benefit from the Winter season with some quiet moments of contemplation before going full bore into the new year. Continue reading

How to Build Resiliency into Your Life

pumpkin walkThis is the time of year when we start hearing about the many ways that we can strengthen our immune systems. We are assaulted with ads for vaccines that help ensure we don’t get sick. Even I am guilty of ending every post with the words, “Be Well”. It’s stated as a command, as if you were completely in the driver’s seat in regard to your health.

Moose HillBut we all know there are many variables that determine our well being. When you go for your annual check-up some physicians will ask, “Are you wearing your seatbelt?” or “Does your home have smoke detectors?”. I always think this is a little strange, yet it’s true that we can do many things to increase the odds of living a safe and healthy life. Factors such as age, gender and genetics are for the most part unalterable, so let’s focus on the things we can control. Continue reading