Lost Your Marbles?

If there is one thing I enjoy it’s cross training my brain. I love a good routine as much as the next person, but my brain on repeat goes a bit numb from time to time and then I crave a shift of perspective. It ends up to be time well spent when creative solutions to mental blocks come into view as a result.

On a recent Sunday I spent all day at fabric marbeling workshop with other like-minded students. And, wow, did my brain explode with the color options. A day at the studio, learning a new form of expression by manipulating charged water, surface tension and and tools both classic and inventive, left me replete with satisfaction.

Hand-eye coordination is greatly underrated, in fact we take it for granted as we sit at our screens. How wonderful to see so many possibilities unfold in a reflecting pool!


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By Hand and Eye

Happy Holidays
It’s holiday market season!–that broad array of color and texture creating a wealth of visual imagery to excite the mind. In the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day the range of special market events expands to the point of overflowing on my plate of possibilities. Continue reading

Get Cozy with Color and Texture

Morning Rainbow, Saugerties, Ulster County, NY
Morning Rainbow, Saugerties, Ulster County, NY
The russet leaves on my backyard maple are turning to fire, nights are more often cold and the pot on the stove holds heartier fare. It’s time for different tactile sensations and infusions of color along with the associated scents and flavors contributing to our life’s rhythm. Continue reading