Lost Your Marbles?

If there is one thing I enjoy it’s cross training my brain. I love a good routine as much as the next person, but my brain on repeat goes a bit numb from time to time and then I crave a shift of perspective. It ends up to be time well spent when creative solutions to mental blocks come into view as a result.

On a recent Sunday I spent all day at fabric marbeling workshop with other like-minded students. And, wow, did my brain explode with the color options. A day at the studio, learning a new form of expression by manipulating charged water, surface tension and and tools both classic and inventive, left me replete with satisfaction.

Hand-eye coordination is greatly underrated, in fact we take it for granted as we sit at our screens. How wonderful to see so many possibilities unfold in a reflecting pool!


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Yes, Rock the Boat

Yunnan Boats New CropFlexibility is a key skill for mental and physical health—and it’s one we often resist, comforted as we are by our daily routines. But the very randomness of life we insulate ourselves from is at the heart of many of our insecurities.

While we can’t get away from the discomfort of change, we can build a quicker recovery time by practicing flexibility in a little dose of personal challenge.

It may seem counter-intuitive to challenge your habits, especially when you’ve chosen them for maximum efficiency. This is your invitation to try going with serendipity and see where it takes you. Choose one of the 10 tips below and try it today. Continue reading