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Harvest Chicken SOup

Harvest Chicken Soup

Gathering the Harvest in the Autumn is a ritual joy, a riot of color with red apples, deep orange pumpkins, yellow gourds and green cold weather vegetables. They also are most commonly local, fresh picked and very tasty. Take advantage of that anyway you can.

There’s a contentment that comes with being in tune with the cycle of the seasons. At the harvest we can focus on collecting the abundance to enjoy while the gardens and farms recover their energies for the next round.

harvest assortment

Late Harvest Assortment

Collecting our thoughts and reflections on the season of action just passed is another aspect of this process. For me initial reflections have led to drawing upon my root values and passions. In my outreach work I strive to provide a viewpoint and some action steps for those who are seeking them. I’ve come to see it’s a starting point for change. Community is not one voice but many voices and there has to be variety to hear what’s true for you.



Creative thinking is one aspect of the need for connection, one that opens up conversation. Another is moving the body. Movement for physical health and when done ina group as an act of social harmony is essential. In addition, I believe making work by hand is an important means for the mind and body to work together on a manageable scale. Cooking is the most elemental of the maker activities I thrive on. During the harvest there’s a lot of that. What I miss I’m discovering is my art studio. It’s been left fallow for some time now and rather than disband it, I feel the need to take it up again in new ways.

Beeand flower

Bee and Flower

I see how collaboration is bound up in all my work. For example, I enjoy writing for The Parsley Way, but miss the collaborative aspects of it, the give and take, the inspiration of conversation and good company. I’d love to find some writers to share the positive message of the Parsley Way –  and encourage you to write something that reflects the spirit of this work. I’d love to share Your Voice with any readers here.

Earthy Beets

Earthly Beets

The studio is another important place of collaboration. I’m revisiting a lot of past work and exploring new paths because this too is integral to my practice. I may be posting less often as I get deeper into some new directions. If you want to get more in touch with your creative handwork I welcome you to contact me for guidance and shared encouragement.

With our natural segue from the growing season we can plant some bulbs as a down payment on the distant spring. Right now it’s time to gather in the abundance of the garden and store it away to drawn upon over the winter.

Many hands make light work.

Ms Lizzie Cat

know what to do with your time

“Know what to do with your time”  



Never Coming Back by Alison McGhee for a searing look into the mother-daughter relationship. See my review on Goodreads for more.

Happy October to All!


All photos Claire Mauro

N.B. Use the comment section to let me know your interest and ideas; list your contact info- I will keep it private.





Carrots and Culture in One Venue

This is the time of year I like to talk about Farmer’s Markets. But on Saturday mornings in Orleans Massachusetts, you can get your fix of both Art and Produce all in one shot.

Artists Cottage #3

The Artist Cottages at Orlean’s Market Square is in it’s third season. It’s a delightful assortment of tiny houses filled with paintings, jewelry, pottery, scarves. From fine art to playful pots; you can stroll through the cottages, chat with artists or just browse while sipping an Iced mocha latte from the Chocolate Sparrow. It’s open Wednesday through Sunday from 10-5, Weekends only after Labor Day. A fun thing to do all the way till the middle of October. Check for details @ Continue reading

Escape to Paradise

3 birds on the beach
My husband and I could not have picked a better time to try a month in Southwest Florida. The weather in New England has been one of the worst ever, with multiple snowstorms and record breaking accumulations. But we feel quite guilty leaving friends and family behind to deal with the bitter cold and all the problems that go along with it. Continue reading

Thrills and Chills of Winter: Polar Vortex Edition

Frosty Window
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Happy Thanksgiving

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