Why parsley?

So what is it about parsley? The curly green stuff has been on every restaurant dish we can remember. It’s been a staple in our grandmothers’ and mothers’ kitchens, flat and fresh, all our lives. parsley blueWe use it all the time. Parsley accents both the sweet and the savory, bringing out the best in everything around it. This fresh green herb adapts to any cuisine and improves any dish. Parsley freshens your taste buds and it also brightens a bouquet—making it beautiful and practical. Curly or plain, mild or pungent, parsley is humble yet essential because it contributes to our well being. Plant it in the Spring and harvest a sprig at a time, because a light touch of parsley can lift up your day.

Our mission at the Parsley Way is to share techniques that lead you to a healthy more meaningful life.  A sprinkle of this and a pinch of that and suddenly your life is just a little bit better.  We know that small changes can make a big difference and our hope is that the Parsley Way can help improve the quality of your everyday living style.

Meet Chris and Claire

Claire and Chris Gathering InspirationWe’re excited to offer you our perspective on living life to the fullest by savoring the chance to create celebrations big and small from everyday moments—finding the garnish to top an ordinary day makes all the difference!

We draw upon our careers in the health and wellness field and our mutual love of art and writing, food and family, to show you how we do it and how you can too.

We found our friendship at the best moment in our lives and invite you to join us on our journey of inspiration and zest for life!

To learn more about us, keep reading 🙂

Chris Primavera

Hi there,

Pamplona 2As I look over my life there have always been periods of learning followed by periods of creating. Whether it was returning to piano as an adult, taking a mosaic workshop on the South Shore or going to watercolor classes at a museum, I seemed to thrive on learning new things. Even if they didn’t translate into a high level of skill, I eventually got to a point where I could simply enjoy them.

For many years I was primarily focused on my career in dentistry, taking courses in nutrition, psychology and stress management. So let’s just say I’m at a stage of my life where I have decades of experience in the Arts, Health Care and Education. Then in the late 90’s, on a whim, I decided to become a certified Yoga Instructor. I studied at the Kripalu Center for Health in Lennox, Massachusettes. Yoga has turned out to be one of the passions of my life. For twelve years I taught at Women and Infants Hospital in Rhode Island and ran Yoga workshops through the Providence Journal at Bryant College and Brown University.

Today I practice Yoga daily and teach in my community at the Public Library. I would call myself a “Healthy Living Junkie”, reading everything I can about nutrition, movement and alternative healthcare. I wanted to share that knowledge and my experiences about cooking, exercise and wellness. Then when Claire and I met in a writing group we discovered how much we had in common about our approach to life. We are both health educators, writers, cooks and artists who feel passionately about empowering women to nurture their own creative curiosities.

Of course my family has always been at the center of my life. I’ve raised four children, three girls and one boy so naturally there have been loads of celebrations and parties. I enjoy entertaining and am continually finding new ways to make it more fun and less stressful. Two years ago I traveled to Spain to meet my eldest daughter, Sara, along the Camino de Santiago. I walked with her for twelve days covering about 120 miles. Next Fall my husband and I plan to return and walk another 150.

Through The Parsley Way we hope to build a community of creative women with a desire to share ideas about self care and good living. Let us know about your creations, the things that garnish your life. I hope you visit us often and enjoy the photos, recipes and personal stories on the site.


Claire Mauro

Claire's ToastMy love of creative arts and the culture of food fills my family life. My dining room wall contains photos of memorable celebrations around the table.

Over the years my husband and son and I have visited Northern and Southern Europe to understand more about our grandparents and great-grandparents. Along the way we’ve met relatives, tasted food and wine and adopted new traditions.  We had a reunion with cousins in Tuscany, enjoying their small farm and the bountiful autumn harvest of wine, olives, figs and grapes.

I’ve been focused on women’s health, wellness and self-care by teaching, counseling and facilitating throughout my work life in community agencies, city hospitals and a multi-national corporation.

One November morning on the day after Thanksgiving I was a passenger in a serious car accident. Flung onto the pavement in my late 20s, I experienced a prolonged recovery from orthopedic injuries and multiple surgeries. This experience in disability has had a profound impact on my life. It taught me a lot about my own strength and perseverance and I learned to savor every day.

I’m personally committed to life-long learning and believe being open to new perspectives and challenging entrenched habits expands your possibilities and enhances the present moment–and current research shows it’s healthy exercise for your brain, too! I teach Qi Gong as a means to bring mindful awareness to a quieted mind and body, moving in harmony with nature’s energy. I cultivate a creative practice too.

I believe in women’s strength as creative beings. Using your creative gifts reduces stress and anxiety and promotes whole-life living for women and girls. It’s time to celebrate the life you make for yourself and others–because women with the power to shape their own lives while nurturing others are also making the world!

My current projects in addition to The Parsley Way include a collection of art and writing dedicated to my mother and raising awareness of issues of women’s health and human rights to create a more compassionate world. I have a professional practice of Cultural Education Outreach that encompasses facilitated active engagement to enhance individual wellbeing and nourish openminded communication. For more on this work and to learn more about my customized approach to group outreach see my page at  LinkedIn or contact me at The Parsley Way.

All the best to you!

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chris and Claire,
    I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. I have practiced yoga for about 30 years and have babbled in Qi gong and Tai chi. Movement keeps me balanced and able to deal with the stress of life. Karen 🙂

  2. What you’re doing here is very cool Christine! I’ve really enjoyed having you in class and sharing my passion for yoga with everyone in our little piece of paradise!

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