The Power of Pause

Nothing brings me to a halt faster than a hummingbird feeding outside my kitchen window. His fluttering wings cautiously settling on the feeder,taking full pleasure in my homemade syrup, can always stop me cold. No matter what I am doing, I pause, breathe and enjoy the moment.

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Meditation is the best way to become familiar with the benefits of the pause. Whether you take twenty minutes or 30 second, just stop the constant doing and simply enjoy the moment. We recognize the value in taking a break, we become less anxious and more organized. Ironically by taking a pause, we get more done. Our thoughts are no longer scattered, going from one activity to the next. We are better able to prioritize our life and see it for what it is. Focusing on the important things, we feel good about ourselves and appreciate the joyful moments. We let go of trivial complaining, life seems brighter and we become happier.

Learning to pause can help our relationships too. Listening is a skill that can be practiced through the pause. Giving someone your full attention without jumping in with solutions or your own experience is sometimes all a friend really wants. In Can You Hear Me Now?, Claire pinpoints the challenges and benefits of really listening, a skill that requires the pause.

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Instead of immediately declining when a friend invites you to coffee, try the pause. It may not be convenient, but maybe that person needs you today. As you practice this way of living, you’ll begin to see that you can be happier being less rigid. Naturally certain things like office hours or child care are often not flexible. Learning to let go takes time. But be patient with yourself and find the parts of your life where you can make some small changes. Squeeze in a pause here and there. As the saying goes, “Take the time to smell the roses”.

Sunset at Barefoot Beach

Or watch a sunset!

Be Well!

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Chris Primavera
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