On the Bright Side


“This is a list of things I learned the hard way.” That’s a wry line from Charles Schulz’ inimitable Charlie Brown, the manchild who couldn’t ever seem to catch a break. In Charlie’s comics world the deck was perpetually teetering against him while those around him went about their lives in blissful self-preoccupation. That’s why when his sister Sally asks why one of the lists he’s making is so much longer than the other he answers as he does. Comics lovers are so familiar with Charlie’s world and his gloomy facial expressions, we know he’s speaking in a mournful, slightly wistful voice. Charlie-world is full of missed opportunities and negative outcomes. He anticipates failure. Charlie, we would say today, needs to adjust his mindset.

The world around us has a powerful effect on our mood, that’s a fact. The question is how we respond to that effect. We all have our own setpoint when it comes to general demeanor, but hey, we can work with that! Sometimes it’s harder to fight against, as in the depths of winter or the past week in New England when the rain comes everyday and the grey skies prevail all week. While we may not have the luxury of escape to a warmer clime, we do have options.
Refresh your viewpoint with a new view. Seek out your nearest public greenspace, trek to a scenic overlook or take 5 minutes to stop, stand still and look closely at your nearest potted plant. Black thumb? Artwork can provide an imaginative bit of green, a naturalistic portrait or a vivid landscape for your imagination, seen here at the MFABoston‘s Art in Bloom. Contact with the basic cycle of nature can help you reboot your outlook in a more positive direction.

Nourish yourself with nature’s bounty. Here at The Parsley Way we love our local farmer’s markets and garden centers. At this time of year they are all filling up with the fruit and flowers, seedlings and select produce. Pick one item that will delight your palate with its freshness and texture to bring into your home. This is your opportunity to use all your senses when placing it into your personal landscape or preparing it for your meal.


Nurture your possibilities. Direct your skill and passion to a new endeavor wholeheartedly. Expect babysteps and try not to sweat the small stuff. A wonderful teacher once taught me to approach family matters with humor and “let the noise blow by.” Cut yourself a break. Put the lessons learned onto the list and move on.

Happy Merry Month of May! Thank a Mother Today!

All Photos Claire Mauro


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