Habits Worth Cultivating

Mount Vernon kitchen garden
Mount Vernon kitchen garden

Every three months is a great time to assess our goals, take note of what we’ve achieved and reset our intentions for the next quarter and the year overall. How are you doing?

Take a look at your regular habits. Do they need an update? Here at The Parsley Way we have clearly defined regular practices that we advocate for wellness. The question is, do these practices help you maintain a sense of wellbeing that contributes to your overall productivity and meeting your goals?

Two habits to add to your arsenal for improved productivity are the Pomodoro Technique and good sleep hygiene. Why not try to incorporate these practices into the next three months and see what happens?

Pomodoro  --  Timer
Pomodoro — Timer

Cultivate Focus and Flow
The Pomodoro Technique takes it’s name from the kitchen timer that inspired the practice. Physically setting the timer and keeping it nearby to signal a break encourages concentration and focus. The traditional time frame is a 25 minute increment to work on your defined task. When the timer goes off, take a 3-5 minute break, put a check mark on a piece of paper and reset the timer as you go back to work. Four check marks earns a half hour break. Each time you reset the timer you are renewing your commitment to the task at hand. This technique is a classic and has influenced many others. There’s a reason for that, it works!

Sleep Habits
Good Sleep Habits

Let Your Powers of Natural Healing Work for You
Sleep hygiene habits cultivate good sleep, when our bodies rest and repair the wear and tear of daily life. A consistent pre-sleep ritual encourages restful sleep. We’re big on celebrations here at The Parsley Way, so why not celebrate anticipating a good night’s sleep? There are so many sleep tips, choose the routine that works for you. Or try this: Set your devices to charge outside the bedroom, take a warm shower to unwind or a bath with Epsom salts, put on some cozy pajamas and spend a few minutes meditating or reading a book you hold in your hands with real pages you turn. Use an amber or any non-blue light to read by and keep some lavender nearby if you find the scent soothing. Have yourself a quiet celebration and drift off to sleep on a sense of well-being.

Qi Gong class
Qi Gong class

We’ve made our devotion to movement practice a cornerstone of our health and wellness work, along with our love of food and celebration rooted in family and an appreciation of fresh and local ingredients. Good physical health and a positive mental outlook flow from cultivating a conscious awareness of the world around us.

Mindfulness allows us to tolerate and even reduce stress by managing it. Meditation and creative practices help us cultivate health-giving habits in daily life. Living with an open mind is less stressful than a closed one that is tense and defensive against opposing views.

Claire and Chris
Claire and Chris

April is our anniversary month for The Parsley Way. It’s been two years since Chris and I decided to push our writing habits into the blog realm. We’re still passionate about wellness and especially how to turn life’s lemons into good health habits. We’re grateful to our readers and we enjoy connecting you to artists, writers and websites we find inspiring. THANK YOU!

Lyman Estate
Lyman Estate

All Photos Claire Mauro

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6 thoughts on “Habits Worth Cultivating

  1. I always love your posts Chrissy…I am starting a healthy venture on Monday…two days of detoxing..lemon water and green tea only..and my detox nutrients. Protein shakes 2 X a day after with a healthy meal…no alcohol..booooooo hoooo😂 For a week and then in moderation!!! For a month.. I can do this!! love you always Linda Loo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. And Linda, my blog partner Claire wrote yesterdays post. I thought it was really good too! That’s us in the photo at our library where I teach my Yoga and Meditation classes.

    i’ll be thinking of you this week during your Cleanse! xo

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