Spring Clean Your Brain With Meditation

Black and White Neighborhood SnowOne day it’s snowing like crazy and suddenly you notice the sky is blue, the birds are chirping and the buds are bursting from the trees. Spring always feels like the most drastic transition; somehow it’s more dramatic than the other seasonal changes. The joy of leaving the cold dead Winter behind and welcoming the warmth and color of Spring may put a smile on your face at first, but be wary of physical and emotional upheavals that may occur this time of year.

Library Tree Buds

Don’t neglect to protect yourself against these fluctuating weather patterns.  As we head into Spring many people experience unexpected mood swings, allergies and even illness.  We don’t know how to dress, we’re not sure how to nourish our bodies,windy days can make us feel agitated and stressed.


A regular meditation practice could be one of the best ways to stay grounded during these times of transition. There’s a lot to learn about the science behind meditation, but it’s really quite simple to begin a practice on your own.

Sit in an upright position, either in a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

Close your eyes and draw your attention to your breath.

Notice the “in” breath. Notice the “out” breath.

When your mind begins to wander, just go back to the breath.

Try to do it in the same place every time, a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted. Start with just 10 minutes each day, increasing as you get more and more comfortable with the practice.

Better problem solving, increased creativity, lower blood pressure and improved sleep are just a few of the benefits of Meditation. Our brain is constantly working, regulating every function in our bodies. It only makes sense that it needs decluttering now and then.

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It’s great if you can find a meditation group or Sangha in your area. A facilitator can teach you different techniques including Mantra and Visualization as you enjoy the collective energy of the group. Meditation is becoming mainstream in our crazy, techno society. Sangha groups are cropping up in big cities and small towns all around the world. But if you just want to get started on your own go to:http://www.mindful.org/free-mindfulness-apps-worthy-of-your-attention/ for free meditation Apps.

Don’t you think Spring would be a great time to clear away the cobwebs in your mind?

Be Well!

photos by
Chris Primavera
gettyimages, Dougal Waters


2 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Brain With Meditation

  1. I never thought about Spring being a more drastic transition than other seasons – but now that you bring that my attention I completely agree. And it’s typically the time of year I tend to catch a cold – like I did this week!

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