Why Friends Are the Fountain of Youth

They make you laugh!

Friends Chris and Claire

They give you emotional support!

Friends Sue and Peg

They enjoy the museum as much as you!

Friends Diana and Julie

They help you celebrate!

Friends Gary and Bob

They cook for you!

Friends Angela

They teach you how to fish!

Friends Gary and Ron

They love to share a meal with you!

mangrove cafe with Bill and Diana

They meet you on the beach at sunset!

Friends Chris and Andrea

They help you carve the turkey!

Friends Gary and Billy

They take you to beautiful places!

Friends Chris, Amy and Linda

And if you’re very, very lucky, they last a lifetime!

Friends Chris, Sue and Jacquie


6 thoughts on “Why Friends Are the Fountain of Youth

    • Hi Flick It’s wonderful to hear from you! Yes that is my Mom. She has moved to an apartment just a 3 minute drive from my house. Hope you and your crew are all doing well.
      Thanks for reading The Parsley Way! xo

  1. I love this This issue was a little ray of sunshine getting us through a dreary winter day!! Bringing back memories of good times had and the promise of good times to come💕

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