Make Something!

Grandma Moses said, “Anyone can paint”. I think of her whenever I get the urge to be creative. I’ve had a few watercolor and acrylic classes, but mostly through trial and error I’ve managed to get a lot pleasure out of playing with paint.florida beach paintingI thought this painting was rather dull in my bathroom so out came the white paint and with a little work I added some waves. Now I love it! And if you really think you have absolutely no talent, I know a woman who does paint by number. Just like the new coloring trend, this can be very soothing. I don’t consider myself an artist, but there is nothing more rewarding than making something… anything! When I was young my mother taught me how to sew. I still remember the excitement over going to the fabric store, choosing a pattern and then finding just the right material to work with. This is the time of year to get busy with your hands. How do you tap into your creative energy?


pear mosaicLast year at this time I took a mosaic class. I didn’t like the idea of going out at night in the Winter cold but once I got there it was so much fun. Taking a class can help get you started. Sometimes it’s difficult to get motivated without that structure. In February I hope to take one or two Art Workshops. A local Art School offers single evening events, where you actually come home with a finished product. Check your area for opportunities.

zentangleMy Public Library offered a class in Zentangle. This meditative art form is so much fun and anyone can do it. Here’s a sample of the pen and ink work that was done by some of the people in the group after just one introductory class. I enjoyed it so much that last March I bought some paper and pens and made some Zentangle greeting cards.

My daughter is excited about a woodworking class in Portland Oregon.  She has always been fascinated by this and decided to plunge in.  Maybe in the Spring I’ll have photos of her projects.  It’s so much fun to learn something new, and especially when you end up with a useful product.

Loop Yarn Philadelphia at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival
Loop Yarn Philadelphia at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, Dutchess County, NY

Of course Winter is always a good time to get out your knitting or crochet needles.  It’s fun to make hats and scarves for the homeless especially when your own family and friends have more than enough.  I love looking at all the colorful yarns available today.  Keep those hands busy while sitting in front of a fire or watching Downton Abbey.  Knitting is one way to relax while creating something beautiful and warm.


Get some inspiration from my Mom. Last Fall she got busy at her sewing machine making these colorful Tote Bags for all the girls in the family.  Imagine the fun choosing the fabric.  Here are the first few she made.  So pick a project, gather your supplies and Make Something!

Moms bags

Be Well!

Photos by Chris Primavera


6 thoughts on “Make Something!

  1. Thanks for the inspiration Chris. So fun! My creative energy seems to go into scrapbooking – and now that the holidays are over I have been thinking about what my next project will be. Maybe if it turns out to be a snowy weekend I’ll have an opportunity to make something! I’ll let you know.

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