Easing Into A New Year


What a counter-intuitive start to Winter here in the northeast! The temperature and weather have been at odds with the available daylight. While we feel like we can go, go, go, the low levels and shorter duration of light are inviting us to slow down. All the energy expended during the holidays, followed by a more inward time, is part of an ancient cycle that we recognize at a deep level of our being. In today’s world it’s masked by the constant availability of man-made light in all its multimedia modes. We can take maximum benefit from the Winter season with some quiet moments of contemplation before going full bore into the new year.

Get your cozy on– Is the holiday debris cleared away? Did you savor that moment when all seemed restored to normal? Try to keep a piece of that cleared and newly restored space in your mind as well. When you get home from your busy day…… Wear those new flannel PJs! Dig Into that pile of books! Warm up the cocoa or add a slug of whiskey to your tea!


Take some time to allow unfinished thoughts to enter your mind. In the repose of winter, with an attitude of extreme self-care, the creative completion of those thoughts may lead to new and appealing endeavors. Simple solutions to old problems may float your way, if you allow them.

Be a Filter
People and places who yank your chain? Take a break from them! Unpleasant people from your past re-surface over the holidays?—Shut the Door! It’s just not necessary to remember and honor every element of your past- concentrate your efforts on moving forward with hope, love and possibility in your heart.

You can actually choose how much stressful rancor you expose yourself to by limiting your exposure. Take the train? Use your headphones. Turn off the radio or change the station—listen to music of your choice without constant updates. Stop watching the fire and murder TV News, go for a global perspective or just turn it off and take a walk outside.

Sunlight and movement, however limited, are keys to a positive mood, plus we need the vitamin D of sunlight. So whatever the weather get outside without sunglasses for as little as 10 minutes! Twenty minutes is better, a half hour allows for a brisk walk with added cardio-aerobic benefits. Then congratulate yourself for your effort.

Instead of falling back into the frenetic pace of work/life ask yourself—
What’s my easy button?

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