A Christmas Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a lady who loved Christmas. But as the years went on she became wise and mindful. Her eyes were opened to all the sadness around her. There were mass shootings, cancer, suicides, hunger, loneliness, poverty and terrorism.

She was not sleeping well and worried because she could not see, how to ease the pain in a world of suffering. It didn’t seem right to deck the halls, bake the cookies and trim the tree.

But then the calls started coming for festivities and such. She looked at her own life and knew she had so much. It wasn’t productive to live in fear. And she remembered that the holidays mark, yet again, the close of the year.

Christmas outside 2015

Christmas brings light into darkness, replacing evil with good. A toy drive soothed her heart in the neighborhood. She put up the lights and wrapped the gifts. Friends would gather in her home and theirs, a Christmas Eve Children’s Pageant warm and sweet, then Family on Christmas made the season complete.

tower hill Red treeAnd so she continued to be Merry and Bright, Living Happily Ever After all through the night.

Merry Christmas and Be Well!




photos by Chris Primavera


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