Learn to Be Flexible at the Holidays

Thanksgiving comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While the iconic painting by Norman Rockwell hangs in his museum in Stockbridge Massachusetts, today that model can be difficult to duplicate. The entire Family gathered around the beautiful lace tablecloth may be what we all desire, but the reality is probably quite different.

With Family members all over the world, parents in nursing homes, friends and neighbors with no place to go, the definition of the perfect Thanksgiving rarely exists. If you haven’t already, it’s time to recreate the Norman Rockwell image. I wonder what he would paint to depict the holidays of today.

Thanksgiving Table

This year my Family will celebrate twice. The first in Cape Cod Massachusetts, where we were able to include my mother in Law. My husband and I had a lovely dinner yesterday along with my stepdaughter and sister in law. We kept it simple with a 12 lb Turkey and a few sides.  The Turkey was moist and delicious; proving once again that size does not matter!

Thanksgiving Gary carving

My other step daughter gets home from college today so on Thursday we will celebrate our second Thanksgiving in our neighborhood with good friends. We are a blended family so I have long ago adjusted to the fact that we won’t always be together at once. I have a son and daughter on opposite coasts yet we make every effort to see each other throughout the year. And last Christmas we did manage to all be together!!! While that would be nice, I have no expectations of that happening every year.

Thanksgiving Buffet

So be realistic during this holiday season.  Stay flexible and do whatever you can to enjoy your family and friends. Plan outings such as a trip to the museum, luncheons or concerts.  Have fun throughout the whole holiday season.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Well!

Photos by Chris Primavera


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