How to Build Resiliency into Your Life

pumpkin walkThis is the time of year when we start hearing about the many ways that we can strengthen our immune systems. We are assaulted with ads for vaccines that help ensure we don’t get sick. Even I am guilty of ending every post with the words, “Be Well”. It’s stated as a command, as if you were completely in the driver’s seat in regard to your health.

Moose HillBut we all know there are many variables that determine our well being. When you go for your annual check-up some physicians will ask, “Are you wearing your seatbelt?” or “Does your home have smoke detectors?”. I always think this is a little strange, yet it’s true that we can do many things to increase the odds of living a safe and healthy life. Factors such as age, gender and genetics are for the most part unalterable, so let’s focus on the things we can control.

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What are the factors that determine our well being, our happiness, our ability to fight disease? Why are some people able to go on after tragedy or loss, while others just simply can not. How do we bounce back and regain our vitality after serious illness? Or better yet, how can we avoid illness altogether? It has everything to do with Resiliency. It is defined as the quality of being flexible, pliable or supple, traits needed to recover quickly from injury, disease or mental trauma. Hmmm, this sounds just like the benefits we get from Yoga!

Resiliency applies to both physical and mental states. We all know that one can affect the other. When we are physically un-well, naturally our mood is not great, and vice-versa.

Here are some of the ways we can gain Physical Resilience:

1. Moderate Exercise such as walking and Yoga

2. Good Nutrition with a focus on fruits and vegetables

3. Adequate Sleep

4. Proper Clothing} scarves, boots, hats

5. Hand Washing

6. Avoiding Toxins} alcohol, drugs, processed foods
Walking in the Fall
Now notice the overlap in promoting Mental Resilience:

1. Exercise

2. Nutrition

3. Sleep

4. Support System} family and friends

5. A Sense of Purpose

6. Creativity, interests, hobbies

7. Meditation

8. Avoiding Toxins

salmon dinnerExercise, Diet and Sleep help keep us physically resilient, but they also affect our state of mind. Today we are bombarded with ideas for being our best selves.
How to do this…
10 ways to achieve that…
Such and Such for Dummies,
But let’s just get back to that simple command, “Be Well”. We should at least TRY to Be Well. Do our best to control the things we can control, and try not to worry about the things we can not. Incorporate small changes on the path to good health. MAKE IT YOUR JOB! It’s the biggest paycheck you’ll ever get.

Be Well!

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