October Fest!

Fall Flowers

The heady days of Autumn come calling on a burst of sunshine delivered as a slash of light through my window. This summer I moved my writing desk directly under a window for just such a day as this. I wanted to be able to look up and notice that whatever is going on inside my head as I type, there is always an unfolding scene of nature following it’s own separate path to joy. As the clouds parted I stopped what I was doing and stepped into our fading tomato bower to catch the rays, inhaling the freshness of autumn on the bright air.

Fall Veg Harvest
Our garden bounty
Stormy weather dropped the temperatures and clouded the skies over the past week, but not before we had our lunar eclipse and I got to dance in the light of the supermoon! Yes the days are shorter and the nights colder but I’m holding off cranking up the indoor heat—the better to keep moving through these days of glorious color! As the many harvest festivals tempt us to collect the bounty of the season like squirrels drunk on acorn wine, visions of steam rising from stewpots and luscious, fruit-filled baked goods perfuming the air shift our focus to bright days and cozy nights.

Fall Stew
Tomatillo, hatch chile and pork stew
Cuddle up to the stove Home Cooks! Gather around you the friends who warm your heart and hearth! CiderIn the chill of the evening the memory of taking time to visit far flung friends, surprise someone with an unexpected token of affection or enjoy a cozy chat in the midst of a hectic day will warm you to your toes.

cozy chair
Dismal weather got you at low ebb? When that happens to me I need to remind myself of what we believe in here at The Parsley Way – movement and mindfulness, creativity practice and openness to ideas that nourish the soul. This past week some thoughts from writers I admire, who tirelessly put out good words of hope, gave me inspiration and restored my optimism – have a look at the work of Maria Popova and Maria Shriver.

As always we’d love to hear from you- Let us know what you read for inspiration.

All photos Claire Mauro


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