4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Summer

live in the sunshine EmersonWhen the days are long and the nights are warm we need to put a little extra time into planning the season. Summers in New England are entirely too short, so putting some effort up front can help you get the most out of this fun time of year.

1. First get the big things on the calendar. By January I usually have a cottage in Maine rented for mid-July. This is a special trip where we meet friends and just relax on the Penobscot Bay. This year I also booked a trip to Portland Oregon to see my daughter. It was very last minute but already by June I had 2 weeks blocked off. That gave me some structure to help plan the rest of my summer.

Florida sparkling beach and umbrella

2. Now you can fill in with some day trips here and there like a beach day or take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Be spontaneous… if it rains, go to the MFA instead. Make the plans at least the night before otherwise if you are like me, you spend the morning catching up around the house and before you know it, it’s 11:00! Don’t let these beautiful days pass you by.

3. Enjoy outdoor dining.Plan ahead to have friends over for patio or porch dinners. There’s nothing better than eating on the deck knowing that in 6 months there could be 3 feet of snow parsley on the deckout there.porch table Make healthy meals taking advantage of the many fresh fruits and vegetables available this time of year. If it’s very hot, keep it light. Serve a Greek Shrimp Salad with white wine spritzers. Use herbs from your garden and light candles when the sun goes down.

Recipe:Greek Shrimp Salad
Cherry Tomatoes
Cucumber, diced
Red Onion
Feta Cheese
Olive Oil
Lemon juice

4. Most of all Have Fun! Life just seems a bit easier in the Summertime. So spend more time with your family, invite friends and indulge in outdoor activities. Remember the Winter’s can be long so get planning and enjoy Summer while it’s here!
angela and billy florida

Be Well!

photos by Chris Primavera

Emerson quote by Angela Duncan/ distributed by Trader Joes


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