Reading Outlander

This week marks the end of the visual feast known as Outlander Book 1 on Starz. If you are a fan of the story you know holy hell has been visited upon our principal characters and both are lucky to be alive. So are we.

If our ancestors coped with a fraction of what Jamie and Claire go through we should be thanking them regularly for their perseverance and ingenuity. For one thing the will to live and belief in a better life for the future generations is what drives this couple onward. For another, as author Diana Gabaldon proves again and again in her tale, amor omnia vincit but only in conjunction with extraordinary tests of the mettel of both. Wounded and healer both exhibit courage under fire. In marriage the roles are constantly interchanged. The honesty of relationship that evolves in these books and the sharp edges that both need to hone and use to do what is necessary puts into context our lives as modern day road warriors and computer wizards. Perhaps it also enlarges our view of the world’s oppressed and embattled.

Oh what a happy day it is for you who have just discovered this magnificent creation, this fully realized world. You have eight books to read before pining for the ninth in this series! Hours-es and Hours-es of reading, as a certain Golum might say.

Outlander cover
There has been quite a conversation among fans of the books around every aspect of the Starz production. We’ve all had a marvelous time fitting our mental images conjured by Ms. Gabaldon for our reading pleasure to the dazzling array of visual images and actors’ sleights of hand that pop out of our screens each week. Filmed on location and delivered right into our homes there is very little left to the imagination. Or so it seems at first.

It turns out that these two art forms are highly complementary. Friends who have read the books have had so much fun watching, comparing impressions and reReading! (In fact reReading is a huge part of the phenomenon of the books.) So is sharing, online everywhere it seems. You may be surprised to learn partaking in social media to discuss books could qualify you as a sociable book fetishist!
So could participating in a book group. Reading, as if we didn’t know, is good for you. Do you read more than 18 books a year? If so you would be classified as a heavy book user and as such are building your social ability and empathy! Don’t stop now.

under the umbrella
Grab a lounge chair, sip a cold drink and prepare yourself for Neo-esque immersion.
The chase is on.
It’s the World of Outlander, ye ken?


Outlander promo photo Courtesy of Starz
Plaid vestiarumscoticum
Other photos by Claire Mauro


3 thoughts on “Reading Outlander

  1. I read the first book in this series about 14 years ago and I must say that watching this miniseries has made me want to go back and read the books again! I loved the way the author builds the characters. Absolutely adore the “chemistry” between Claire and Jamie. Historical fiction is my favorite genre and what a delightful way to learn about the past by travelling back in time with a strong, intelligent woman!

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