Has Don Draper Found The Real Thing?

Spoiler Alert! In case you didn’t catch the Season Finale of Mad Men, you may want to stop here. But I am fairly confident that most of you Mad Men fans have seen it by now. I’m not going to go into a long critique on the Final Show; there’s plenty of that out there already. But as a Yoga teacher and student I was pleased with the story’s message.

jon-hamm-weighs-in-on-interpretation-of-mad-men-final-scenesThroughout the series, Don Draper spirals downward both physically and emotionally. By the last season he hates himself and continues to indulge in multiple addictions before ending up at a California Yoga Retreat. This is not Don! He’s cynical about the whole thing and anxious to find a way out as he struggles to sit in Lotus pose with his regular haircut, oxford shirt and khakis. The audience is confused. Is this a story of redemption or will Don take his own life, as foreshadowed in the credits every week?

Coke machineDING! Suddenly a smile appears on Don’s beautiful blissful face. Thanks to Yoga and Meditation, the fog has lifted and Don Draper gets the best idea of his career. The creator Matthew Weiner and the Mad Men writers show Don birthing the iconic Coke commercial of 1971. “I’ld like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” It was nostalgic and brilliant. But most of all “It’s the real thing”. Not just as one of the many slogans for Coca Cola, but as in Yoga is the real thing; Yoga CAN transform lives!

This of course, is a fictional story but one that rings true for me. I’ve said before that Yoga is a form of Meditation in Motion. We all face challenges as we go through life. Yoga gives us the opportunity to step away from the chaos, to settle the mind and lift the curtain. You become a witness to your own life. You recognize your strengths and weaknesses, your failures and achievements. Yoga teaches us to accept ourselves and others without judgement.

japanese garden bridgeThe wisdom of Yoga is there for all of us. This ancient practice will revitalize your life and help you develop compassion for yourself and others. Learn techniques for improved sleep and relaxation. Gain control of bad habits through mindful living. The postures and breath promise to give you strength,balance and improved flexibility for the rest your life. Yoga is a pathway to optimal physical and emotional health.

Don DraperMake it part of your journey. It worked for Don Draper; why not see what Yoga can do for you?

courtesy of AMC

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