April is the Month for Change!

Art ready
April marks our first anniversary at The Parsley Way.
Here’s a Big Thank You to all who have followed us on WordPress and Facebook over our inaugural year!
Chris and I have lots of fresh ideas to bring to these pages in the coming months. We hope you will be as delighted as we are about sprucing up the site and reaching out in new ways to show you how you can Garnish Your Life with love and joy.

Rob ready
You may have noticed we are Under Construction, making changes to the site format and generally playing around with visual design. That’s the fun part of site management and woe to us when the changes don’t have the desired result!

We are also slowing down our traffic to your inbox with fewer posts per month. Our goal is to bring you a bit more in-depth focus on the topics we address. We’re going to continue to share the experience of our Yoga and Qi Gong classes, our wellness tips for good health and nutrition, and of course our adventures in creativity with art, food and travel!

Naturally with these changes we would love to hear from you! That’s why we encourage you to post in our comments. Let us know what you enjoy reading as we continue to share our journey of teaching and learning with you!

Grow We Must!
Garden ready

All images and art work by Claire Mauro

PS: My favorite garden tool by Garden Works, the Soil Scoop
Soil scoop


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