Spring Cleaning the Ayurvedic Way

Spring CleaningIn Ayurveda the transition from one season to the next can really affect how we feel. Winter can be particularly hard on our body and spirit. As we move into Spring we may feel out of sorts, tense, disorganized and burdened with aches and pains. Awareness is the first step. But we can bring ourselves back into balance as we prepare for warmer weather by modifying our habits and incorporating some Ayurvedic tips.

Brush Away the Cobwebs!
Let’s begin with Mindfulness. The very word can be off-putting, but it’s really just the practice of paying attention. Things like Silence, Stillness, Yoga, Meditation and Walking can all be very helpful. But Mindfulness also applies to anything that you do with your full attention. I am practicing Mindfulness as I write this post. My brain becomes fully engaged. I’m unaware of the time and most outside distractions. It’s that single minded focus that brings serenity. And it’s at this time that we become more flexible, less stressed and are able to let go. We come into balance and can finally BREATHE!

Lighten Up!
Through Mindfulness we take the time to adjust our habits and diet in order to welcome the new Season. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding seasonal dietary changes. But in the Spring, we generally begin to get away from heavy stews and hot ginger teas, replacing them with lots of green veggies and lighter meals in order to cleanse the digestive tract. To get some new salad ideas go to https://www.pinterest.com/mssheena/blogger-salad-recipes/ Sip lots of warm water to further cleanse your body from Winter toxins. Here is a recipe for a Detoxifying Spice Mixture that can help with Spring allergies:Ayurveda Book David Frawley

3 parts Turmeric
6 parts Fennel
6 parts Corriander
1 part Black Pepper
1 part Ginger

Place this mixture in a jar and use 1 tsp per serving when making Spring meals. And for those of you who really suffer from Seasonal Allergies, try eliminating Dairy for 2 weeks. See if you don’t feel significantly better. Allergies are a Kapha disorder, associated with excess phlegm which can be caused by dairy products. Making dietary changes can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating process, but practice patience and in time the pay off will be worth it. In his book Ayurvedic Healing, Dr. David Frawley can give you help in creating a lifestyle that is appropriate to your Dosha or constitution. Only through research and trial and error can we discover the foods and routines that will make us feel our best from season to season.

Say, “Good Night”!
As the days get longer we tend to think we don’t need as much sleep as before. But in reality a regular sleeping routine can help get you through the change in season by boosting your immune system. Also this is the time to increase your exercise after the long cold Winter and it’s important to adjust your sleep accordingly. As the temperature gets warmer we can go back into nature, reconnecting with the trees and earth. Get off the treadmill and walk outside; nothing makes you feel better!

daffodilsThis Winter has been especially hard for people in New England, but all you have to do is look at your calendar and know for sure that change is on it’s way. March certainly came in like a lion and I can’t say that I see it going out like a lamb. But for twelve years by April 26th (my Anniversary), the Magnolia in my yard has come into full bloom. So I have to believe that my daffodils are somewhere under that snowdrift getting ready to brighten the season!


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