Welcome to the Cat Café

KittyArt1 CN Franklin
I made some new friends this week and could not be more pleased! Marissa, Kristi, Brie, Angel and Georgie the kind of friends we all should have in our lives. Sincerely caring, easy to be around and full of lighthearted fun yet able to be comfortably at rest and soothing to the soul.

Calico Nook Kristi and GeorgieKristi and Georgie

If you are lucky enough to have a full time pet companion in your life then you know what I’m talking about. Pets are among the most endearing and health giving stress relievers around. But maybe your life is too busy or your living arrangements prevent you from having a pet of your own. If you long for that close tactile contact with fur and your ears perk up at the sound of a purr, right now there may be a cat cafe coming soon to your area. If you don’t know about this phenomenon, it’s a very popular idea from Japan that is providing an opportunity for cat shelters to arrange adoptions. Marissa and Angel at Calico NookMarissa and Angel

Marissa and Kristi, the proprietors at The Calico Nook in Franklin, MA are working with local shelters to give cats and people a chance to know one another and matches will be made. But there is no obligation to adopt when you visit, you can simply enjoy the cats and vice versa! Currently there are three delightful resident cats providing an introduction to the experience. (And by the way there is actually no food or drink sold at the Nook but there are lovely cat themed gifts.)
Brie at Calico NookBrie on the move

T washingSix months ago our beloved Tangerine passed away after twenty years as our family pet companion. I’ve found it difficult to talk about how much he meant to us and all I learned by caring for him in his decline. Throughout the winter I’ve missed his small yet solid presence on my lap, the softness of his fur and that insistent little paw reaching out to tap my cheek or pat my arm and get me to nudge over to make room for him in our favorite chair.

I’m considering adoption but meanwhile I’m so happy that Georgie took the opportunity to sit in my lap, Angel came out from under her table fortress to greet me, and Brie sashayed past me on her way to yet another playful exploration. And I’m starting to think about cat names.
Georgie- Calico NookGeorgie

PS to Cat Fanciers: Can you identify the types of cats pictured here? Let us know!


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