Sunday March 8 is International Women’s Day, an annual opportunity to note the achievements of women and maybe set your own goals. It’s a good day to remember the hard work of others who came before us and to support the efforts of women around the world who want greater autonomy over their own lives.

We are all “from woman borne” and creation is our gender power and potential—we can achieve on so many levels in this world. Let’s acknowledge and celebrate all the ways we make the world a better, safer, more positive place for everyone to grow.

Indigo Exhibit
This year I’m commemorating the day with a photography exhibit of at my local library about women who run an indigo dye works and textile business in rural Yunnan China. Traveling there in 2012 I was in awe of the hard physical labor done by women in all areas of rural life. Indigo Textiles – Work by Hand is my way of thanking them.

BooksWangari Maathai
I facilitate book discussions for several community groups and last year at this time I started my Women and Girls in Action series. This year we are remembering Professor Wangari Maathai Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the environmental Greenbelt Movement. If you don’t know about her read one of her amazing books.

Today I urge you to use International Women’s Day to remember the work you do and that of your friends, neighbors and women all over the planet : Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity, Picture it!

And if a hardworking, dedicated potter asks you to have a seat in her garden, don’t think about looking silly, #Make it Happen
Toadstool Garden Seat


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