Must Love Lemons2 When I was a kid my Dad was our go-to guy for first aid—bandages after the bike accident, splinter removal after a day on the boardwalk, straight to the hospital when I fractured my elbow. Later in life Dad got interested in nutrition and naturopathic medicine to address his own health concerns and as any parent might he felt compelled to pass his knowledge along to us.

Sharing a meal became an adventure in food tasting matched to his latest cure-all discovery. Never shy about displaying his enthusiasm, Dad would lean towards me with a dollop of this or that heaped on a spoon, “ Try this it’s good for you!” “Eat this it will make your skin beautiful.” Chicken Lemon SoupAdd lemon slices, juice and zest to your chicken soup, with parsley of course! I can still see him grin with impish delight as he leaned over to squeeze half a lemon across everything on my plate! Dad being Dad was how I knew I was home again. Lemon Salad Arugula salad with olive oil, lemon sections, and parmesan curls. Pretty much nothing topped the lemon in Dad’s opinion. There’s the vitamin C in lemon, great for our immune system, of course. It’s also a source of potassium, a digestive aid, anti-bacterial, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory. A glass of warm lemon water with honey is a great non-caffeine wake-up. It is surprisingly versatile! Tea and Lemon2Tea with honey and lemon, and for a hot toddy add a tablespoon of whiskey! Roll a whole lemon under your palm pressing it against the counter and feel its texture. Slicing one open the scent and color brighten your day. In the height of winter, when you want to brighten your outlook take the tart with the sweet and see how many ways you can use a lemon! Lemon Square Try this great lemon bar recipe with olive oil and sea salt from Melissa Clark Fifteen years after his passing, Dad’s voice returned to me when I had a horrible cold this past week. “Try this it’s good for you!” Thanks, Dad, I’m glad I did. You will be too! Mom and Dad St Pete FL Mom and Dad and their Ponderosa Lemon Tree, St. Petersburg, Florida


3 thoughts on “MUST LOVE LEMONS!

  1. What a poignant memory of your Dad. And such uplifting photos on this snowy day! What is the recipe for Melissa Clark’s dish?

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