Bring The Outside In With Floral Arrangements

pink and white fresia

Yellow FresiaWith seven weeks to go in Winter some of us are beginning to long for Spring. You can bring the outside in by forcing bulbs or simply going to the grocery store and buying a bundle of flowers.  As soon as I get the last of the holiday decorations put away I head to Trader Joe’s for a fresh bouquet.  There’s nothing like bringing some living color inside to brighten your Winter palette.

Invited somewhere for a cozy supper? Why not bring the hostess some flowers? But present them in a simple vase so they can go directly on the flowers, white vase, Plymouth
Invest in some high quality silk flowers and bring them out year after year. Place them in an interesting piece of pottery or antique pitcher. Some can even be gently washed in warm water to eliminate dust. Just be sure they are thoroughly dry and wrap them carefully before you store them away.Embed from Getty Images Nothing is more gratifying than forcing the growth of an Amaryllis. Position the bulb in a small deep pot so that half of it is above the soil. Water it thoroughly and keep in a sunny spot. Move the plant out of direct sun when the flower begins to show. Embed from Getty Images These flowers are a spectacular reminder that Spring will eventually come!


Be Well!


2 thoughts on “Bring The Outside In With Floral Arrangements

  1. Delightful…and a good tip to go to Trader Joe’s for the bouquet as they have great value. What a lovely gift to offer as many of us do not “extravagate” (verb of being extravagant!) when it comes to buying flowers for oneself.

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