Bring Your Best Self Out To Play: 7 Steps to Happiness

Moon Gate Zurich
It may be the middle of winter but the sun is shining its thin watery light, my desk is crowded with work I’m excited about and I’m full of energy. I’m looking forward to the possibilities a clean slate for the new year represents. In January anything and everything is yet to happen! We’re told from childhood to do our best, so what does that mean to you?

What ignites your sense of your Best Self?
For many people it’s when you are able to use and enhance your personal strengths however you define them. In the best of all possible worlds we get to use our strengths everyday in our work- even when we have to reach down deep to find a way to do that.

Keeping the line open to connections with people who have made a positive impact on your life revives your sense of potential. Social media is a great shortcut of course, but eye contact means a lot. A quick cup of coffee on the fly with someone who “gets” you can lift up your day and help you bring fresh enthusiasm to your next appointment.

Extending yourself in kindness to people and animals actually takes very little effort. In a harsh world, make the first move to inject some kindness into the day for those who mean the most to you.
T contemplating snow

Acknowledge gratitude on a daily basis. You will find you appreciate each day more.

Take pleasure in simple delights of nature to re ground yourself when stress threatens to get the better of you.

Remind yourself of moments of grace when you felt the most harmony between your inner self and outer self.

Create projects that excite you and look forward to manageable steps towards your goals.

How do you bring your Best Self into the forefront each day? Maybe the difficult situations you deal with don’t always call it forth, but you can keep a flame alive to nurture when you need it. Cultivate a consistent practice of nurturing your Best Self with compassion.

Frosty tree

Photos by Claire Mauro


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