Countdown to Christmas

christmas tree 2014As I write this post with only nine days to go I am feeling rather organized. Then suddenly I panic, thinking the last minute stuff is sometimes the hardest. Planning meals, airport pickups, getting beds ready; it all has to be done at once. Yet somehow I am taking time for a little fun too. Monday night I had my last of eight Art classes.

Judy mosaics I completed a mosaic and started a second at a time of year when I should be baking or wrapping. But the diversion was great. Here’s a photo of my teacher showing another student how to grout her piece. It was refreshing working with seven other women on projects completely unrelated to the Holidays!
moon over pleasant bay mosaic
It is no mistake that some of our biggest celebrations take place at this time of year. A time when there is so very little light. The nights are long and so by 4:30 along with my neighbors I am lighting the candles, plugging in the tree and turning on the Christmas lights, in an attempt to illuminate the season.Going out on these long cold nights is a bit of stretch for me, but trying something new has made the season seem less stressful.

My husband and I also managed to fit in a trip to the MFA christmas treeMuseum of Fine Arts in Boston. It was a miserable, dark, stormy day but the museum was not crowded and we roamed around casually with no particular agenda. Designating a day devoted to something other than shopping and decorating can be refreshing. We loved the Jamie Wyeth exhibit. It’s an absolute must see!  Here’s a photo of the MFA’s  spectacular tree!

Ellen baking at Diana'sThen last Friday I walked away from my wrapping to visit my friend Diana and observe her amazing day of baking.  She concentrates on recipes while her College friend Ellen takes orders and chats with me. I must admit I felt a little guilty because most of my baking is done these days by my buddy Trader Joe. ( Have you had his Chocolate covered Ginger Cookies?) But all these little side trips do make me a happier Elf. And somehow it all manages to get done!

Merry Christmas from the Parsley Way!


4 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. So glad you stopped by Chris. Baking is a favorite holiday tradition of mine and sharing with good friends just adds to the fun! Great messages in this post. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

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