5 Ways to Engage Creative Energy

IMG_3310Whatever your type of work, and let me say I define work very broadly because as we all know women with families are working during their “downtime,” and with the emphasis on networking these days there really is never any downtime for anyone, you can achieve positive results by taking a creativity-based approach.

Everyday we reach into the toolbox of who we are and march into our day more or less equipped to meet the tasks at hand. Focusing on the latest problem to solve and immersing yourself in working towards a resolution brings a flow of creative energy that surges and supports your progress. As the glow of that surge wanes you’ll need to refresh your vision. In between the reality of your progress and the goal of your desired outcome lies the creative tension to move you forward. You may have a firm grip on your reality but without a clear vision you’re missing that carrot on the end of the stick. Even when you make progress towards your goal the vision can fade. Reignite it!

Have you Lost your Creative Spark? Is your Muse on a holiday?

When your thoughts wander and you know you’re not getting anything done, ask yourself a few questions.

Stress getting in your way? Is the day too grey? Feel in a funk? Same-old same-old not ringing your bell? Nobody answering your texts?

NO, Do Not Go Shopping! Stay right there in front of the work and shift your senses. Remember why you are the best person for the job, re-identify with your purpose and most importantly, take a moment to have fun when you try one or all of these ways to Assert yourself and feel your own presence. Reinforce your “I Am”

Random writing Just write down whatever comes to mind. Any scrap of paper will do, recycling is good. In fact fancy notebooks can become too precious and make you prone to self-censorship. When you dump all the mind-clutter and extract the nuggets you will find you’ve got gold in there!

Have a Hot Drink Boil water, microwave a mug of cider, fill the coffeemaker. By the time you wrap your hands around the mug and inhale you have focus. Rituals free the mind so prepare this yourself for maximum effectiveness.


Bang a Gong Be part of the soundscape when you ring a bell or raise your voice. This is why I have a collection of percussion instruments. Sound waves clear stagnant energy.

Put on lace-up shoes It doesn’t matter what kind! Tighten the laces and feel the sense of intention form. Muscle memory is a trigger to action.

Don’t sit down! Use a stand-up desk, counter or bar. Thoughts, sketches, diagrams need to get out before you walk away. The sense of imminent departure is a proven moment when we get to the heart of things.

NOW grab the keyboard, pick up that pencil, brandish the brush, heft the hammer
You are on your way!slace ups

Do you have a music anthem that energizes you? Let us know what it is!
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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Engage Creative Energy

  1. Love the “bang a gong” idea…had not thought of that as a way to focus. Maybe I’ll ask for one for my birthday soon…. Great post.
    Lindy Conroe

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