Chiles Rellenos Step by Step

pendulous poblanos closeup
Poblanos Yes they really are that Glossy!

As you get started you may wonder Why go to this much effort? For one thing Because you get to control the salt and fat you use and there is no added sugar! You can indulge mindfully 🙂
coreCore If peppers are narrow make a short slice along the side to insert cheese
stuffedStuff with Monterey Jack You can Choose full fat or low fat or vegan substitute
roll and shakeFlour No need to overdo it Tap off the excess
soft peaks and creamy yolksBeat whites to soft peaks
Beat yolks until creamy w/1 Tbsp water, 3 Tbsp flour, 1/2 tsp salt

fold yellow and whiteFold gently with slice down-and-scoop up motions Don’t over mix It should stay fluffy
slide from saucer2Heat Oil Dip and Coat Slide into heated oil from the edge of the pan
Yes it’s deep fried No you don’t eat this every day!

turn when brownUse two spatulas to turn when brown to your liking
turn w two spatulasBrown on all sides Remove with tongs Drain on paper towel
Delicious bite Serve with toppings Enjoy!


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