Create your own Photo Essay

pottery7One of the more recent pleasures in my life has been taking photographs. The camera on my iPhone is always with me, begging to document every colorful event of my life. I am amazed at the ease with which you can take a photo, send it to the cloud and have it show up on your laptop! With iPhoto you can create books and slideshows. But another way is to start your own blog and strictly use it for photos. can get you started. But here are some basic tips for creating your own photo essay:

1. Come up with a title.

2. Start with a one paragraph introduction.

3. Choose related subjects such as a recent trip, or all photos about your cat.

4. Keep it simple. Choose 5-10 photos of a single subject or event.

5. Write simple captions. Don’t forget to include dates when necessary.

6. Set a goal for yourself. Maybe once a week, or once a month create a new photo essay.

Just have fun with this project and over time, it will become a visual journal of your life!


The following post is a photo essay of my recent trip to an outdoor Pottery Shed on Cape Cod.


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