The Sounds Of Silence

See if you can relate. A good part of my day is filled with returning texts and phone calls, checking email and updating my Facebook page. If I have time I browse the New York Times, read theListening Below The Noise occasional Huff Post, and search through my favorite blogs. Fortunately, I don’t play any games such as Candy Crush or Words with Friends. But recently I’ve been tempted to sign up for Lumosity with the hope that it will maximize what is left of my brain power. Sound familiar? With cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPods, e-readers and bluetooth who has time to think?

Detaching from all of this can be challenging, but the benefits could serve you well. Consider spending two days each month in silence as author Anne LeClaire has done for the last seventeen years. In her book Listening Below the Noise, she writes beautifully about how she created a sacred space within her crazy busy life. Few of us have coworkers, children or partners who would tolerate this. But maybe we could take one or two hours each day where we just unplug.

In that time you could go for a walk without headphones or begin sitting for just ten minutes with your eyes closed, cell phone off and just give attention to your breath. It’s really that simple. Studies show that just being silent with your own thoughts can spark creativity. It can open up some space forAcadia Nationa Park answers to problems. Best of all it can show you that sometimes a big problem isn’t really a problem at all.

Meditation can bring you back to your center. By being a witness to our own thoughts we stop and listen to the running commentary in our heads. We learn to let go of the turmoil and drama in our lives, resulting in less overall anxiety and stress. Choose a time when you think you could take a break from technology and distraction. I am going to make a promise to myself to be tech free between 5 and 7pm. The intention is there, but as I look around at all of the chargers and devices in my home, I wonder if it’s a promise I can keep.


8 thoughts on “The Sounds Of Silence

  1. I loved your article, truly believing that all living beings are connected. Bongo, my African gray parrot has the intelligence of a 5 year old. He says about 200 words/ phrases, such as singing who let the Dogs out and I want to ride my bicycle by queen. One of the funny things he says is I can talk can you fly? He is very curious and can anticipate such as making a blowing your nose sound when reaching for a tissue. Bongo is definitely considered to be my 3rd son!

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