Playing House

Playing HousePlaying house never gets old. For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed nesting, the instinct or urge to prepare a home. When I turned thirteen my parents wallpapered my room in a green and white floral and painted the trim white. My Mother of course did all the decorating. They installed wall to wall carpet over hard wood floors, a luxury back then. I had my Mother’s old dressing table (anyone remember those?). It had a glass top and a pink skirt with a lace overlay; a perfect place for my perfume, jewelry and pink princess phone. It was a beautiful room but by 1969 when I was seventeen, I grew tired of the pink and green. I repainted the molding, discovered an old bookcase, bought a psychedelic bedspread, and created my own space in my parents’ home.

Today I take pleasure in browsing shops filled with decorating ideas. I run into friends (you know who you are…) who want that pillow to be just right, or suddenly have the urge for aqua towels in the bathroom. More often than not I buy nothing. But that instinct to create an attractive home is always there. Nesting provides a sense of order and comfort that many women crave. For help organizing your home go to Diana Eastty can give you ideas for creating your “Best Nest”!

I’ve recently been cleaning and redecorating a room on Cape Cod. It’s been neglected for many years but with a beautiful view of Pleasant Bay, the potential is huge. New curtains, carpet, a loose slipcover, some lacy linens over antique tables and Voila! That dark, forgotten space is transformed into an inviting sea-side get away. It feels like I’m playing house all over again.


4 thoughts on “Playing House

  1. You both are off to a great start! I’ll share your site with my friends and family. Chris I just read your latest post and loved it!

  2. Love this one! I have always loved “playing house”. Many childhood memories-houses built underneath a sheet hung over two chairs, held on by cloth spins, or in the back of dad’s station wagon. Even today, I still find myself “playing house” when we go on vaca. Love unpacking my bag and arranging all of my belongings in my new “home”. I think I’m the nesting queen!

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