My Tipping Point

mosaicBalance is one of the most important aspects of Yoga.  Through regular practice we acquire these skills both on and off the mat.  It is an integral part of Ayurveda as well.  We keep our Doshas in balance through self care techniques such as healthy eating,  good sleep habits and fulfilling work.  But often life gets out of control and it is at these times when we must stay grounded and remind ourselves that we have the tools to get back on track.

Last year at this time I was feeling overwhelmed with responsibility. Spring began with an East Coast College search. In March we had an unexpected disturbing death in the family, then a College graduation in May and a High School graduation in June.  Through all of this my 25 year old investment property seemed to be falling apart all at once.  My tenant was calling me daily with the latest leaky faucet, broken thermostat, doors falling off hinges and A.C. on the fritz.  There were parties and a Memorial Service to plan.  I felt the weight of it all.  Sound familiar?  We’ve all had times when there is just too much going on at once; times when as women, we become the ring leader, the foreman,  the central figure making sure everything is coming together as it should.

hawaain night 3Then in June with the graduations behind us, we took off for a family trip to Maui, the most beautiful island on earth!  We hiked rain forests, swam waterfalls, snorkeled and drove the dreaded Road to Hana.  We drank Rum Punch, ate Hula Pie and got too much sun.  On day four I crashed.  My world was literally and figuratively spinning out of control.  I fell on the bathroom floor.  My husband made arrangements to have me transported by wheel chair and car to a medical facility.  I had a severe Vertigo attack, and the drugs to control it were so strong that I spent the last three days of the vacation in bed.

I was at the tipping point, drowning in excess; a Yoga teacher, no longer grounded with my feet planted firmly beneath my knees.  I lost my balance and my core strength.  By Wednesday I managed to get back on that plane to head home.  Home, where I slowly came back to life.  I slept twelve hours a day, loaded up on fruits and veggies, took solitary walks, did Gentle Yoga and drank plenty of water.  I found my way back to the surface where my body felt buoyant and light, able to float over the occasional wave without getting caught in the undertow.

photos by Chris Primavera


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