Perspiration Equals Inspiration

IMG_0742Whether you are trying to figure out the colors for you next painting or how to wrap up that short story for your writing class it may be that the best thing you could do is just go for a walk.  The obvious health benefits of walking are huge, but did you know that walking can help you solve all kinds of problems?  Getting outside and into a steady moderate pace can clear your head of all the excess worry and stress that we lug around every day.

When you can smell the air and feel the breeze your brain begins to wake up.  You start to notice the flowers and trees and get tuned in to the change of seasons.  Feel the Spring rain and the Summer sunshine,  swoosh through a pile of leaves in the Fall or notice the clear blue sky the day after a Winter snowfall.  You can feel yourself opening in places where you were stuck.  Something deep inside releases, things begin to fall into place and suddenly you come upon a simple solution.IMG_0737

There’s really nothing magical about it.  When you have a regular walking routine your circulation and breathing is improved and with better blood flow to the brain it’s bound to help you solve problems.  But along with the physical, there’s also the simple fact that your eyes are opened to the world around you.  You’re concerned that it’s Valentine’s Day and your elderly neighbor hasn’t taken her Christmas wreath down. You’re sad as you approach that abandoned lot now littered with styrofoam cups and plastic grocery bags.

If you can stick with it for more than thirty minutes you begin to think at a very deep level, and it’s at this point where inspiration comes forth. You turn the corner and you’re delighted to see a shop owner planting flowers in her window box.  It’s summer and you remember a time when children ran through sprinklers and collected Japanese Beetles and Lightning Bugs in jars.  Walking is free and most of us are lucky enough to be able to do it.  So lace up and forge ahead, inspiration may be just around the bend.


paintings by Chris Primavera


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