Color Your Day

Orange SingleYou have a relationship to color and texture that goes beyond the visual! I love color wear it liberally and enjoy noticing it all around me. Every species uses color with skill– to blend into their surroundings, or to attract attention. We humans are emotionally affected by color and we put it to daily use. Designers and retailers know how persuasive the right color and texture can be—just ask yourself how those attractive sunglasses, extravagant flowers and package of potato chips ended up in your grocery cart!

Texture adds depth or surface effects, like the shine of gloss or glitter. Adding texture enhances your desired effect, plus, it can simply feel great- like that cozy wrap of a scarf around your neck. A plate of food looks bland if every item is the same shape size and texture. 3 Oranges

The colors of a season really excite me, especially the colors of summer. The high intensity light can stand up to bright, saturated colors and we reach for them as a contrast to the light and airy tones of spring. I’ve been having a love affair with orange for quite a while now. It’s bright and fresh and enlivening-a pile of oranges in a bowl on the table can put a lightness in my step.

I find strong colors enlivening and muted tones soothing and I’ll bet you do too. Do you have a favorite color? Do you wear it or like to see it around you– in your home or garden or on your desk? Mood is sensitive to color—next time it’s rainy instead of dressing to match the day, try the opposite and see how you feel.

The next time you’re wondering what to wear, remember, a colorful pair of sandals and a pedicure can really perk up an otherwise overcast day!

Iris and Sandals


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