The Door Is Open

shrimp and brussel sproutsOpening your home to friends or family is a gift of love. Yet I have to say that for me,that gift is to myself. It’s such a treat to prepare a meal, set the table, run the vacuum and hear that door bell ring. A lot of thought always goes into deciding what to serve, but recently I have discovered the joy of keeping it simple. Friends are not expecting a multi coursed gourmet meal. Just getting together and offering your house as the venue is almost enough. And I’ve learned that when your best friend offers to make the salad, please, say YES! A few weeks ago I roasted some shrimp and veggies, then added basmati rice and spices. My friends Angela and Diana brought salad and flowers. I had fresh fruit and ice cream for dessert. Together we created an amazing, yet simple meal!

On Friday afternoon Claire and I were getting together to work on the blog. That morning I decided to invite a mutual friend which meant it had turned into a social event rather than a business meeting. I searched my fridge for little tidbits that I could serve with wine, but then I thought why not make a nice soup. It started out as an Italian turkey vegetable but I decided to turn it into an Indian version with coconut milk, turmeric,tarragon and nutmeg. It was a slight risk but I thought that Claire and Ev had sophisticated palates so I went for it. They loved the soup and the best part was that Claire had made some spicy Dutch wafers that complimented it perfectly. Expensive dark chocolates from Ev for dessert and we were all set. Three hours later we were still sitting in my kitchen, chatting away, sipping wine and laughing. This is how food can bring people together; and it all begins by opening your front door.


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