Nurturing a Creative Practice

Palette AS220

We Humans are distinguished by our ability to make things. And in a chicken and egg conundrum our ability to think about making things drives us ever onward. An active creative practice fuels the inner fire to fill our lives with warmth and enthusiasm.

It may surprise you to know creativity also keeps us healthy. Art making in particular nurtures us as we develop the skill and intuition that comes from regular practice. Whatever the art mode once you are engaged with mind, hand and eye your nervous system responds with the relaxation response, relieving the body of the negative stress that wears it down.  Art making can be a powerful antidote to stress when you achieve the alignment of purpose that comes from the creative process.

What pleasure do you take in small things? Is it the color in nature, the bounty of a well-prepared meal, the soft fur of a cherished pet, or the sigh of a baby’s breath? A rewarding practice can evolve from noticing what inspires you — whether you capture a moment on your phone, post on social media, or make a mental note. When noticing becomes a habit, your eye and mind become engaged with your physical senses on a regular basis. Your heightened awareness allows your mind to take in the everyday beauty of the world and reflect on it.

Take up a camera, a notebook or a palette and you are initiating a creative practice. The work of your hands, your body posture and your mental focus contribute to a specialized purpose. Over time the habit becomes a skill and you have a new way of seeing the world. When your body relaxes into a familiar rhythm of art making, tension melts away. In an open mind, inspiration takes form.




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