Why Parsley?

Early Spring Forsythia-1So what is it about parsley? The curly green stuff has been on every restaurant dish we can remember. It’s been a staple in our grandmothers’ and mothers’ kitchens, flat and fresh, all our lives. We use it all the time. Parsley accents both the sweet and the savory, bringing out the best in everything around it. This fresh green herb adapts to any cuisine and improves any dish. Parsley freshens your taste buds and it also brightens a bouquet—making it beautiful and practical. Curly or plain, mild or pungent, parsley is humble yet essential because it contributes to our well being. Plant it in the Spring and harvest a sprig at a time, because a light touch of parsley can lift up your day!

I take the sensibility of a gardener into my whole life. What I mean is I believe in the planting of seeds, even when they take a long time to grow. As a child I was excited by a grade school book about a family planting a vegetable garden—straight rows outlined with string, little signs to mark the names of seeds, waiting for the first sprouts. That anticipation is what hooked me—anything could happen with a little water and sunshine! “Patience and Fortitude,” my mother used to say whenever life sent her a difficulty. For the longest time I thought she was saying “Patience and Forty-two.” That’s a big number, I thought, it will take a long time.

I still feel that way about my garden, my family, my work life, and the world in general. Yes, sometimes the ground doesn’t seem very fertile and the weather is bad, but with some basic cultivation there can be a renewal. We try different plants to discover what grows best. In time we understand the rhythms of the seasons and when the sprouts arrive, we greet them like old friends. Chris and I found our vocation in helping women remind themselves of who they are. It starts by grounding your feet on the Earth we all share, taking in the full breath of life around you, and feeling comfortable in the strength and flexibility of the body that is all your own. Know your body, where you stand in the space around you, and you can know yourself and find peace of mind. When the business of daily life fills you up, you can meet it with a joyful sense of anticipation. Whether it’s an ordinary day or a special occasion, we offer a fresh perspective in a thoughtful way, bringing you a lively sense of energy.

Garnish your life …. The Parsley Way

PS: If you want to discover a bit more about parsley and other herbs, there are lots of guides to choose from. One of my favorite bookshelf references is Jekka’s Complete Herb Book, by the wonderful English gardener, Jekka McVicar. http://www.jekkasherbfarm.com/

The book’s been updated, so there is a newer version than the one I purchased in 2000. I cherish my copy as a souvenir of the one and only time I attended the Chelsea Flower Show, a glorious London event. http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2014


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